Shouldn’t healing be free?

The healing community is divided on this question, and both sides have a very valid argument.

There are those that believe that healing should not be tainted by the exchange of money and that many healers and therapists make personal growth an exclusive thing by pricing it out of the reach of normal people.

Others believe that they have trained for some time in their chosen therapy and are giving their time and possibly other expenses such as heating and lighting a room to work in.  They also believe that this is their chosen profession, just the same as a hair dresser, accountant or mechanic, so why should they not be paid for doing it?

I can see both sides of the argument.  I believe many people put a value on something that they have had to pay for and will ensure that they get the most from it, whereas something that has come for free can be discarded easily.

I also believe that often we do not value our mental and emotional health as much as we do our physical health and as such do not see why we should pay for something that may cost less than a hair cut or trip to the dentist.

I believe that healing should be available to all, regardless of how much money they have.

Most therapies in my area cost between £20 and £65 a session depending on what it is. Those at the top end of the price range often work full time in their chosen field and as such have to earn enough to pay their bills.

I personally have chosen to earn my living in the mundane world, allowing me to offer healing to people at a lower cost.  Yes, this limits the amount of clients I can see, but I feel allowing the price to be lower I can help people that may not be able to afford it under normal circumstance.

I do believe there should be an equal exchange of energies between the therapist and the client.   Many people work and as such money has become the result of time and energy.  This means in some circumstances money would be a way of creating an equal exchange.  Due to this i suggest a donation of between £10 and £20 for the session.

However, some people do not have the money to pay for a treatment, but they do have other things that can be offered.  In the past I have traded for tarot readings, cleaning, a healing session from the client in their own chosen style, maybe you could bake a cake, or do some sewing.  This is a very viable option and I am very open to discuss trades.

I don’t offer healing to make money, I offer it because I want to help people, but  i strongly believe there should be an equal flow of energy.


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