Dowsing… How does that work then?

There are a number of different beliefs about how dowsing works.  I have spent time pondering these and have come to my own conclusions.

I believe in the concept of the Higher Self; a part of me that knows all there is to know about me and my needs.  I believe that on a subconscious level we are all connected and beyond that we are also connected to a Divine Spirit.  By accessing my Higher Self I am not only able to contact the Higher Self of my client but also that Divine Spirit that knows all.

Dowsing with a pendulum allows me to access my Higher Self, and therefore all the information I need to work with my client and with the crystals.  With dowsing I am able to bypass my own mind that is, by nature, limited and judgmental; allowing me to work for the greater good of the client.

I personally believe that my Higher Self causes my body to make minute movements, allowing the pendulum to swing in different ways.  I do not believe that the pendulum has power, although it is possible that if it is made of a crystal it can help me contact my Higher Self.

In using a pendulum I am able to ask a series of questions; mostly in a “Yes/No” format, however I can also work with specific patterns and the speed and size of the spin to ascertain other information.

Dowsing is something anyone can do with practice, so long as there is nothing causing the person to resist contacting their Higher Self.  In the past I have taught people to dowse in the pub using beer mats to play Find the Lady with great success.  If you are interested I would be happy to teach you……

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