Working with the stones

When I first came to working with crystals I read the books and talked to people and learnt that stones have energy, that they can help us heal.  This opened up a world to me and I wanted to explore more.  I  listened to teachers and come to see crystals as tools in a toolbox of alternative methods to heal and grow.

After a number of years I was led to a yahoo group run by Fabeku Fatunmise.  He was talking about stones in a way that I had never heard of before.  Stones are spirits!!  Fabeku’s philosophies gave me insight into a level of understanding that changed my view on crystals forever.

Animism is a philosophy that believes that all things contain spirit, that non-human entities are spiritual beings.  When I learnt about stone spirits I realised I had been working towards this for some time.  My first real experience of this was when I spent many hours sat lent against a willow tree trying to work through my problems.  I found that thoughts were coming into my head that weren’t mine, and they made so much sense!  I realised the willow tree was talking to me.  As soon as I acknowledged and accepted this I spent more hours talking to the tree. So many times I arrived at it’s base feeling as if my world was ending and left with a knowing of how to carry on.

So if a willow tree is sentient, why not a stone?

This understanding brings with it a complete shift in the way we view and work with the stones.  This is not a case of owning a tool, like a carpenter owns a saw.  It is more of working in a team and each member of the team brings their own gifts and skills to the table.

We wouldn’t consider cleansing a co-worker and we certainly  wouldn’t program one.  What we would do though is listen to their wisdom, respect their place in the team and show gratitude for their help.

Stone spirits have come to this reality to help humanity reach it’s potential.  They can see us for who we truly are and know exactly what is best for us.  They are, like each of us, multifaceted in their skills.  Just as a person can be a parent, teacher, taxi driver, mechanic, chef, nurse and lover all in one day; each stone spirit has many attributes and abilities.  This means that there is never any way that a stone can be classified or described in a few lines in a book.  As such, I never try to hold on to “knowledge” about a stone.  I will very rarely suggest a stone for a situation based on something I have read in a book.  More likely I will suggest the person sits with a number of stones, with a question held in their mind, and listen to see which stone steps forward to work with them.

When working in a crystal healing environment I never select a stone based on preconceived  ideas or the colour of the stone, I will listen to who steps forward for each task.  I often don’t even know what the stone spirit is working on when it steps forward; I simply trust that it will be for the well being of the client.

Of course, this knowledge that the stone spirits have come to help us means that no stone can ever harm us.  There is no “bad combination” of stones or “evil” stones.  Sometimes however you can find that a stone has stepped forward to bring about a great change, a difficult but powerful transition into healing.

Once I brought home a Girasol spirit.  It is a beautifully tactile stone and I was sat for some time, just watching tv, holding it to my solar plexus and it felt soothing and calming for some time.  Suddenly I needed to get it as far away from me as possible and it felt horrible.  At that point I could have thought that the stone was bad or not right for me, but in reality it had gently been coaxing some blocked emotions to the surface, and as soon as I became aware of them I resisted.  That night there was a great shift in me and I was able to express some feelings that I had refused to acknowledge.

Because I trusted the stone I passed through the uncomfortable feeling and gained great healing.

As soon as we open our hearts and minds to the magic of stone spirits we open ourselves to great healing.  Why would we ever want to limit ourselves to the “stones as tools” model ever again?

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