A little about me

I thought it would be helpful for people thinking about having a treatment to learn a little about me and the path that has led me here, to this point.

I currently live with my husband Gary and 3 cats in Wellingborough having lived for most of my life in South Northants.

For my day job I work in accounts and admin, it is not what fires me up but it pays the bills and allows me to not rely on charging high prices for my treatments.

I love gardening, riding my motorcycle, playing computer games, listening to audio books, and listening to anything from Vivaldi to Metallica.

You may think that healers will be found wearing brightly coloured floaty tops and long skirts, but some days you will find me in a hoody and jeans or my bike kit.  Sometimes you will find me in a field listening to a willow whisper in my ear; other times you will find me on a bike rally field talking hero stories with the guys.

I eat a meat free diet and use cruelty free products as much as possible.  The Pagan tenet “do what you will but harm none” is a major part of my life.

I strongly believe in walking a path that has one foot in spiritual beliefs, but the other foot firmly planted in the mundane world.

And this is how I got here…..

I have been on a path of spirituality and self development since I was 18 when I broke up with my first boyfriend.  It was a difficult time for me and as I was coming out of the depths of a broken heart I was looking for a better way to face life.  I was terribly shy and had very little self esteem.  I was unemployed and depressed, but one day as I was walking round the local market I was drawn to a stall selling crystals.  This is where it all began for me; I came away with a rose quartz, a tigers eye and a clear quartz. They never left my pocket for years after that moment and I began learning all I could.

Jump forward another year and I was finally in a full time job.  There were people there that were open minded and were happy to listen to my problems.  It was suggested I read Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and do it Anyway. This book revolutionised the way I saw my life and the world around me.  I really saw that I could take control and make my own decision.

After that there was a series of chance meetings that led me into Paganism.  For many years I shunned what I considered religion having had bad experiences with Christianity as a child, but paganism made so much sense.  It all started with the realisation that there had to be a reason why flowers were beautiful.  Some flowers can function perfectly well being dull and boring, so why are some so stunning?  There has to be a higher power involved in their creation.

I spent a few years learning about paganism and talking to trees, you know they really are founts of knowledge and compassion.  I also found myself running a group for pagans in the area.  This group is still going and it has taught me so much over the last 9 years.

But, after a few years of working with paganism I realised that I couldn’t limit myself to those sets of beliefs.  This was triggered by a moment of true faith.  I was driving home from my job in Kislingbury and I came to a fork in the road.  I could just go straight home, or I could go into town to a local crystal shop.  I didn’t really have any money and I didn’t really need anything but for some reason it seemed important to go.  I walked into the shop and declared that I had no idea why I was there; only to be told that they had just announced a Crystal Energy Practitioners course.  Well, I had to listen to the messages that were sent to me and I signed up there and then.

This opened the world of lightworking to me.  This is the other side of my coin to Paganism and is what balances the earth energy.

I studied hard and got my qualification, although I had absolutely no-where to offer healings.  I satisfied myself with applying the self development side of the course to my life and also started receiving crystal healing myself on a regular basis.  Included in these sessions were regression, visualisation work and of course crystal energy.  The things I experienced in those sessions blew my mind, helped me grow and healed old wounds.

At this time I also joined an online group run by Fabeku Fatunmise where I learnt more and more about co-creating with crystals, about the deeper levels of working with them rather than using them as tools.  What with this and what I was learning from the wonderful Hilary I was receiving healings from I was building up a deep understanding of how powerful the crystals can be in transforming and healing old issues.

Skip forward a few years… I am still having regular crystal healing but once again I found myself in a difficult relationship.  The healings had helped me grow from the shy girl who put herself last into a stronger person but it wasn’t quite enough, there was still so much to do.  I was introduced to Bach Flower remedies by my 75 year old boss who swore by Rescue Remedy for everything from sleeplessness to headaches.  I was going through a particularly bad time and was willing to try anything to deal with the stress, so I started working with the remedies.

After a few months of blundering around with them, dowsing to see which remedy I should take because I didn’t really know what they were for I decided to enrol in a home study course so I could learn about them and use them properly.  Despite having a poor memory for “facts and figures” I found I could remember the remedies quite well and completed the course with good results.  Soon I was ready to take the level 2 and practitioner levels.

Just before embarking on my pracitioner level studies I once again found myself at the end of a long term relationship.  My world fell apart around me, but I always clung on to my crystals and bach remedies.  I increased my crystal healing sessions to every week for a few weeks and managed to manifest everything I needed to rent and furnish a flat.  Spirit constantly gave to me just what I needed, when I needed it and my faith was sealed.  I had received  the proof I needed to trust Spirit and know that the guidance I get is safe to trust.

I completed my practitioner level with the bach remedies and, now living on my own, found I was able to offer treatments to people.  I was nervous to start with thinking that I would have forgotten all I had learnt with the crystals but it was all there, ready to be tapped into.  I also found that the right remedies came to mind in consultations.  It had taken about 10 years but I was finally able to help people in the way I had been helped.

It doesn’t all stop there tho, the path of self-development never ends.  I am constantly learning about myself and working on issues that come up. I also still rely on the things I learnt right at the start.  One day I was reciting “feel the fear and do it anyway” as I found myself in the car of a friend of a friend of a friend travelling down to Southampton for the weekend to stay at the house of people I didn’t really know .

Since the break up with my ex  I decided that  I would say yes to everything that Spirit put in front of me, trusting that it was all for a reason.  I was determined  to jump through all the hoops Spirit put in front of me with the faith that it was leading me to something amazing.  Sometimes the lessons I learnt were HARD, painful and scary, and other times they led me to wonderful things.  In this instance I was led to meet my soul mate Gary and within 3 months he had moved from London and we were living together.

For me, life is not complete without some form of spirituality and it is wasted if there is no drive to understand and heal the self, however I also understand that for some people this is all twaddle and nonsense.  You know, that’s fine.  I respect every person’s choice in their lifestyle; so long as they are not harming anyone they can do, behave and believe whatever they like.  And so I understand that crystal healing and bach flower remedies are not for everyone, but having seen how they have changed my life, I encourage anyone to give them a go.

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