Asprin, the wonder drug, or something a little more spiritual?

They are saying on the radio now that they are finding even more uses for Asprin and it made me wonder about whether there is a deeper reason why this drug is so amazing.

Willow, the tree, is amazing. I have spent may hours in the presence of a willow tree and found it to be utterly healing and soothing on an emotional level. I would rock up at it’s base in utter despair, not knowing how to carry on, and after time sobbing, sharing and listening I would walk away feeling more able to deal with what life was throwing at me.

Also, the Bach Flower remedy Willow is for self pity, for wallowing in our despair and sorrows.

Some believe that physical illness is directly connected to our mental and emotional state….. is it possible that Asprin is carrying the energy of the willow tree in a form that can be accessed by people that may not be able to access the energy of the tree spirit directly?

Something to ponder maybe?

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