As always… work in progress

2 blogs in one day?  Just a little something I wanted to share.

One of the things I often find difficult about blogs and books is the impression I get as a reader that the writer knows it all; that they are at the end of their path and they are perfect.  I am aware that this is mostly triggered by my own feelings of inadequacy but I think it is more than that.

Please don’t ever get that impression of me.  Yes, I have come some way along my path, and I do feel I have learned a lot, but I am fully, and sometimes painfully aware that I still have a lot to learn and a lot to change.

I know the theories, I know how I should be living my life, but sometimes I am still the lost and angry child stamping her foot at Spirit saying “why me, why now?”

A very wise friend once said “if you’re still here, there are still lessons to be learned”.

So please, don’t think that I know all the answers, that I am a serene soul who walks through life filled with bliss.

Far from it…. I am still very much “work in progress”

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