So how good are these Bach remedies? Insight into Pine

Bach remedies really are subtly amazing.

I am currently at my day job and I made a mistake that has caused some fairly major IT wrangling.  The work that has been needed can be split down into 3 sections.  The first part was caused by my error but the other 2 parts have been caused by the first and second fixes fix not actually working.

After finding the second fix didn’t work I felt guilty for the amount of hassle I have caused.  On noticing this I reached for the bottle of pine that I keep in my drawer at work, along with a number of other key remedies that help me deal with my day to day work.  2 drops in the dregs of my coffee and down they go.

Now I can look at the situation with clarity.  Yes I made a mistake and I need to be aware of not making it again, but the rest of the hassle is not the result of my failing, so why should I feel guilt for it?

Guilt in itself is a pointless emotion, next time you feel it take Pine and see if you gain a new perspective on a situation that allows you to learn from your mistakes or see that you actually did nothing wrong.

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