Regression; its place in healing.

Along my path of healing I have done quite a lot of past life regression and I have gained a lot from it; so I thought it a good idea to share my understanding and beliefs about this interesting healing technique.

When I mention regression people get all excited and ask if I was anyone important or famous?  Sadly I have to tell them that I wasn’t and there is little chance of them having being anyone famous either.  This is all down to maths and nothing esoteric at all; if you think about it, of all the people who have lived, what percentage of people are famous and important?  Very very few!  This means that it is more likely that we have been peasants, servants, workers, soldiers and worse.  But that’s fine; we have all had a part in making the world what it is now.

Once we get past that and the hopes of an ego boost we can look at what we can gain from past life regression.

Of course, to believe in past lives we have to believe in reincarnation and with that comes the idea that there is a part of us that is the same in all the lives we have lived.  This part of us carries information from life to life and part of that information is often called Karma.  For me this is not about punishment for past crimes but more the lessons we need to learn.  Often this comes in the form of dis-ease.  This could be a physical illness or it could be beliefs or sensitivities that stem from something that has happened in a past life.

We can work on healing the situation as it is now and often that is sufficient, but sometimes a deeper understanding is needed and this is where regression comes in.  We need to visit the time that the issue first started and heal that. This will then trigger a domino reaction through all affected lives through to the one we are aware of now.  The healing gained this way can be profound.

So, why don’t we just use this method straight away?

One of the problems we face when working with regression is that until we are there we have no idea where we are going.  Remember how I said it is unlikely that we were anyone famous?  It’s also unlikely that we will be going back to an easy life either.  Up until the last 100 or so years life for the common person has been hard, and the further back you go the harder and more brutal it gets.  If we are then looking for what is most likely a traumatic event we end up having a high chance of going into something pretty grim.  All of this means we need to be sure that this is the most appropriate method to work on this situation and that we have tried everything else first.  We also need to be prepared to experience things as if they are happening to us now.
This can be like opening Pandora’s box; whatever is let out of the box cannot be put back and forgotten.

Of course, once we bear all of this in mind we start to think about the other question that often comes up when we are talking about regression; can I do it because I am curious?

Yes, you can do it for curiosity’s sake, but do you really want to?  It is possible that if you are not tracking something that needs healing you may stumble upon a life that was blissful, I am sure we all had them, but do we want to take the risk?  If we are working alone and purely to feed a whim; we may come back with more than we bargained for.  Once the box with the memory is opened we cannot forget it.  Traumatic memories do fade, but if we don’t have to take them on board then maybe we should leave them in the box.

All of this means we need to work in a controlled environment with someone we trust totally and for a purpose.  All of my regression work has been done with a wonderful lady I have been seeing monthly for nearly 10 years for healings.  I trust this woman completely and there have been times when that trust has been leant upon greatly.  There has been more than one regression where I was lost to my fear; I could not get back to the here and now on my own.  There was also one that I went into knowing it was going to be very tough,  without this wonderful lady standing by me ready to help I don’t know what would have happened.

I am not trying to put people off regression, or come across as someone special because I have done it.  I am merely trying to make people aware of the truth about regression and that it needs to be treated with respect.  It can provide amazing experiences and the healing gained can be fantastic, but we need to go into it with our eyes open!

I personally don’t offer regression as part of my healing practice as I am acutely aware of the responsibility I would take on walking with someone into their personal soul history.  If you want to do it I can put you in touch with my friend but unless you have a very good reason I can assure you it is unlikely to happen.

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