The comparisons we make with other people

We often look at people around us and we think “wow I wish I was more like them”, other times we think “why can’t they be more like me?” Particularly if they have problems that we can see answers to or they treat us badly.

In the end we have to let go of these comparisons and accept that we are all different, that we deal with life in our own ways, and we can do no different.  If we can’t accept that person for who they are we can gently offer to lend a hand or we can walk away, anything more is simply trying to make that person be more like us.

This is a lesson I think we all need to learn, even me!

So next time you want to be like someone else, send yourself a little love because you are perfect as you are for this moment. And when you want someone to be more like you, send them some love, because they are perfect for themselves in this moment.

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