What does crystal healing do?

Crystal healing is one of those therapies that can easily sound like mumbo-jumbo, either it makes sense or it doesn’t and I respect that.  However, if you can suspend cynicism for a moment I will try to explain.
Crystal healing works on a number of levels and you can take from it what you like.  I will explain all the levels that I believe in, but feel free to take or leave it.
The most basic level of crystal healing relates to colour.
Each of the chakras or energy centres resonate at a frequency that can relate to a colour.  The colours start with red at the base chakra and move up the body to violet at the crown.  When these go out of balance colour can be used to bring them back into line.
On a very basic level many healers use crystals with the same colour as the chakras to bring them back into balance.  Personally this does not make sense.  If something that should be orange (the sacral chakra) has become too yellow, adding more orange will only affect the colour very slightly, adding more red would bring the colour back into balance.  This means the “chakra sets” that you see sold are not, in my opinion, really good enough for colour healing of the chakras.  They are nice things to have and the crystals themselves have value, but not in the way they are sold.
This is where some science comes in to play with more esoteric beliefs.  Please forgive me for any inaccuracies, I am not a scientist.
Everything on the planet vibrates due to their atomic structure.  The frequency of the vibration is based on the chemical make-up of the item.  The human energy system is not fixed in its frequency but crystals are due to their structure and because they are natural they are in perfect harmony with the planet.  Science states that if you bring an item with a fixed frequency into the energy field of something that has an unfixed frequency the unfixed item will come into resonance with the fixed.
The frequency of the human energy system* should be in tune with that of the planet but due to things like negative thought forms, karma and pollution it can easily be knocked out of balance.  Crystals can be introduced into the human energy field to bring it back into balance.
The chemical make-up and the place in which they were formed, along with their colour, affects their vibrational frequency and the effect it will have on the human energy field.  For instance hematite contains a lot of iron and this will affect the iron in our blood along with having a grounding effect due to being in the red spectrum.
Working on these two levels would be enough to bring about a degree of healing when working with crystals; however I personally have another level of belief.
*The internet is full of information on Chakras and the Aura.  I advise you research this and find a system that resonates with you.  I quite like the descriptions of the chakras on this page however I cannot vouch for the rest of the website and I do not subscribe to their suggestions of crystals.
Earth Elders
I have blogged about this before however I am happy to mention it again.
Since being privileged be part of the wonderful Crystal Spirit group I have become aware of the fact that crystals are actually Earth Elders, just like those from the plant and animal kingdom.
These are multidimensional beings that are wiser than us and are able to work on many levels.  They have chosen to come to humanity, in their 3d forms, as crystals.  These wise elders bring with them knowledge and healing energy that can be accessed to bring about healing on a much deeper level.  When working with the crystals it is like accessing a group of wise healers who each bring their own capabilities.
All the way through the healing session there is a gentle balancing act happening.  The human energy field has many structures and energy centres that are tweaked and corrected to bring the whole system back into balance.  In the past I have worked with someone who was working on breaking addictions and I spent a lot of time working with the crystals to anchor their energy field back to their body and repairing damage the addictions had caused to their aura.

Sometimes clients who are particularly sensitive will feel sensations as this happens but for others there are no sensations.  Either is fine and should not be judged.

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