Do you have rose tinted glasses?

When we look at the world there is so much to see, such a myriad of people living so many different lives. There are so many opportunities, so many variables that we can only take in so much… and we take in that which is easiest to accept, that which fits our expectations. Without realising it we ignore the rest as if it wasn’t there.  If we expect to see negativity we will tune out the good that goes on around us.

In wearing the metaphorical rose tinted glasses we see life from a different perspective, seeing joy where we may naturally expect sorrow. If you want to see a different world, change the way you look at it.

Rose tinted glasses can also help us see what we have and give thanks for it rather than feeling sad about what we don’t have. They also help us see ourselves in ways that allow us to be proud of we have achieved rather than getting angry for not achieving more.

Anyone want some rose tinted glasses?


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