Caring for our crystals

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to care for crystals.  I wanted to add my slant to the archive.

 Personally I recoil from many of the instructions for a number of reasons.

 Here are some of what you will find, below I will explain why you should not do this on a purely practical level:

Wash your crystals under running water when you first buy them and after every use.  If necessary use a scrubbing brush.  
Some crystals are water soluble; this would mean washing them could literally make them disappear before you eyes. 

Bury your crystals in sea salt to cleanse them.
Salt is a strong alkaline and is also abrasive.  This can damage the surface of delicate crystals or those that have a low ph.

Place your crystals in sunlight to charge them
Crystals are formed in deep and utter darkness.  They are not naturally exposed to sunlight.  Crystals such as fluorite will lose their colour if stood in sunlight for long periods of time.

Rub oils onto your crystals to anoint them
Many crystals are porous, rubbing oil on them could allow the oil to seep into the stone.

People will argue that it is important to learn which crystals can be treated in which manner.  Personally I would suggest that there are so many new crystals appearing all the time that it would be hard to learn this for every one.  I would hate for someone to come home with a new stone to damage it by running it under a tap.  As such I suggest that if you feel you must cleanse and charge your crystals you do it in a way that does not risk the structure of the crystal.

Methods you can use are:

Cleansing breath 
This is the simplest method of cleansing a crystal.  Simply take a deep breath in and with the intention of blowing away negative energies breath out over the stones.  Know that it is done.

Smudging Using either frankincense or white sage waft the smoke over your crystals knowing that they will be refreshed.

On the night of the full moon place your crystals in a window facing the moon or place them outside if you have a safe dry place.  Remember though to bring them in before sunrise.

Flowers, feathers or smooth washed beach gravel
You can lay crystals on a bed of dried flowers, feathers or smooth washed beach gravel.

Singing bowls or toning
There is no reason why you couldn’t sing to your crystals or use a singing bowl to create a cleansing sound

Of course, for me none of this is necessary as I believe that stones don’t need cleansing.  You will find a couple of bowls, one containing dried lavender flowers and frankincense granules and the other containing tiny sea rounded gravel.  I also have a wall sconce that I burn frankincense above my stone friends. However, I do not do this to cleanse them, rather to give thanks and treat them to beautiful energies.

This may seem like semantics, one says cleansing the other says pampering but there is a very important but subtle difference.  Cleansing a stone says to it “this is a tool and it isn’t capable of looking after itself”.  Whereas, pampering my stones says “I honour you for the work that you do and I would like to show my gratitude by taking the time to treat you well”. 

Whilst we are on the subject of the practicalities of caring for your crystals it is also important to remember that many are fragile.  If they are stones that you won’t be working with I suggest keeping them in a dust free cabinet.  I have a glass cabinet that is purposely placed out of direct sunlight where I put all my fragile stone friends.

If you are dusting them ensure that you do so gently.  Some stones will take a gentle washing to remove dust but please be absolutely sure that you have read up about it before you put it in water.  Also ensure that the water isn’t hot or cold but at room temperature as you may cause the crystal to fracture.

These stones have taken thousands of years to form and have sat underground waiting to work with us, are they not worth caring for with love and respect?

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