Walking your own path, your way.

I’ve just read a lovely post on a facebook feed that suggests that we should decide on an intent for that day and then state it to whatever higher powers we believe in to help keep on track for the day.

My initial response was that this is such a lovely idea.  They were stating their intent to each of the directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky and it sounds such a beautiful process.  I next thought that I should do that every day.  I am aware that I stray from my path easily and this would be a good way to keep on my case.

As I sat with that idea a grim realisation sneaked in that was not so nice.  It went like this.. “here you go, thinking up another morning ritual that you think will keep you connected to Spirit through the day.  You know what will happen; you’ll do it for about 2 days and then it will be forgotten.  Then, when you remember what you were going to do you will beat yourself up and think  Other people can do this, why can’t I?”

So I thought I would write about the deeper issue rather than beat myself up about the fact that no matter what I try to do as a “spiritual observance” every day within a few days it is gone and forgotten, in fact within a few minutes the connection is forgotten.

You see I love the idea of rituals, simple little acts that supposedly help me stay connected, but in reality they simply don’t work for me.  When I see someone else doing it I get caught up in the beauty and romance of it and want a piece of it, but in reality it is just not part of my path.  Not in a strict routine format anyway.

Yes, there are times when I use ritual.  When I meditate I follow the same grounding and connecting process.  When I do a healing I start with the same process to help me connect to the client and put my ego away.  But none of these are done on a schedule, they are performed as and when they are needed, and I think this is the essence of what goes wrong for me when I try to start yet another daily observance.  Spirituality just isn’t structured for me.

There is an even deeper core issue here, the idea of how we should express our spirituality.  When I set up my Crystaloak facebook profile I went through adding all the kinds of people I thought I should have on it.  I have gained from this by meeting some wonderful people and been able to have the type of conversation you only get when lightworkers meet.  But on a less positive side is that I am surrounded by people who appear to be better at “being spiritual” than me.  People who perform these daily rituals and seem to be so connected.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no judgement on them, it seems to be working wonderfully for them and I honour that.  But, I have to remember who it is that is walking this path; me, and only me.  As much as it is great to learn from these people I have to remember, accept and learn to love what works for me and what doesn’t, and this goes for everyone else.

When you first awaken to your spirituality it is very easy to cast around you looking for guidance as to how you should be doing what it is you are doing.  To start with it is very helpful to try on different concepts and see how they fit, but in the end, to gain the depth of connection, you can only do it in a way that is right for you.

So next time I hear about a lovely little ritual that I can do every day I am going to try and remember that if it doesn’t stick it’s ok… it’s just me walking my own path my way, and that is all I can do.


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