The importance of grounding

In the time since I started working with crystals, and particularly since I started receiving regular healings, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of grounding and I wanted to share a little here about what it is, why we do it and how to do it.
So, what is grounding?
Along with the physical body that can be seen and touched we also have an energy field, some call this the aura or merkaba.  When someone stands too close and we feel a shiver it is our aura that is being affected by that of the other person.
The aura is anchored to our body via the energy centres that are often called the chakras and information is passed to our conscious awareness through them.  One of the most important chakras that anchors everything together is the Earth Star and this is situated 6″ below our feet connecting us to the earth’s core.  This connection to the earth’s core is what grounds us.
So why is grounding so important?
When we are calm and balanced our aura reaches about arm’s length away from our centre and is like a bubble stretching above our heads, below our feet, in front, behind us and to the sides and it acts like a safety shield protecting us from harmful energies.  When we become stressed many people’s Earth Star chakras shut down and we lose our connection to the earth.  This causes our aura to shift, possibly expanding to a great distance or holes may appear in it becoming like a fishing net allowing harmful energies to leak in.
We may not be aware of it but this can lead to us becoming clumsy, dizzy, anxious, easily upset or ill.
It isn’t only stress that can unground us, alcohol, drugs, fear and shock can also cause this to happen.  If you have ever fainted you will have experienced becoming ungrounded suddenly.  Your energy field will have become completely detatched from your physical body. When you see someone who has had a car accident and they are dazed, that is being ungrounded.
For some, being able to release their connection to the earth is a protective mechanism.  Lightworkers and HSPs are particularly prone to this and many have never been grounded in their lives.
If we are continuously ungrounded our whole energy system will be affected and we find that we fatigue easily, are stressed more often, easily swayed by other people’s opinions or unkind thoughts.  We are more susceptable to harmful energies and we may get ill more often, possibly progressing to chronic illness.
So, as you can see being grounded is super important.
So, how do I ground?
There are many techniques suggested for grounding.  I have a visualisation  process that I use that involves sending cords down into Mother Earth.  I also have favourite stone friends that I work with in times when I know I am likely to become anxious or when I am meditating to keep me anchored.  However I have found a very simple method that anyone can use at any time in any place and it only takes a few moments.  It also isn’t hard to remember.
 Basic Grounding Process
If you are in a situation where you are stressed and feeling anxious or panicky take a few moments to follow these steps.
  • Put your feet flat on the floor and put ALL of your awareness onto them.
  • Breath deeply and as you breath block out everything that is going on around you and sense your feet.
  • If you are wearing shoes or socks feel how they encase your feet.  How soft are they?
  • If you have bare feet feel the floor beneath them, is the carpet soft or is it a hard floor.
  • Feel your toes and gently move them.
  • Shut everything out and simply become just your feet.
  • Now feel gravity working on your feet.
  • Can you feel how it pulls your feet onto the floor?
  • Feel how heavy your feet are as gravity pulls on them.
  • Stay with that for just a moment longer, breathing calmly.
Doing this should help you feel calmer and more present in the moment.
What if that doesn’t work?
As I have mentioned, lightworkers and HSPs are prone to being ungrounded for most of their life.  This is because their own energies are often of a higher frequency to that of the world around them and means it is hard for them to function properly on the earth as they are.  Imagine someone who has spent their life at a high altitude, coming down to sea level can be uncomfortable. (This also works the other way and can explain why some find it hard to meditate).
Unfortunately, although for these people it is much nicer floating through life, it has the negative repercussions mentioned above.  This is one of the reasons why many healers have chronic illness themselves.
We are born into this world to interact with it and as such we need to be present at all times, and that requires being grounded.  For those that find this hard it may be necessary to have regular healings to help them slowly become accustomed to grounding.  There may be fears or past life karma to be healed to allow sustainable grounding.

It took 8 years of monthly healing sessions and a final regression for me to be reliably grounded and I am still learning to deal with the world from that standpoint.  However, as hard as it can be at times, I know it is progress that I stay grounded even when life throws stress my way.  In time this anchor will allow me to be a stronger person and a better healer.

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