Which crystal should I use? Intellect or intuition?

I am often asked which crystal is right for which situation and I thought I would post a little about my philosophy on this.

When working with crystals, or many other complementary therapies for that matter, it is important to turn the intellect off and turn the intuition on.

The whole human system of mind, body and spirit is complex and our brains don’t hold all the information; there is much that goes on in our body that we are not aware of.  How often have people found that they did not know they were ill until they were VERY ill?  Surely if our brains knew what we needed to make us well we would know at the very first instance when something started to go wrong.

However, while our brains are blissfully unaware something is sending antibodies to deal with the problem.  People who are paralysed from the neck down still have organs that function despite the connection to the brain being severed.

All this means there is a part of us outside the brain that knows what is going on and what we need.  This is what we tap into when we work with complementary therapies.

So how does this connect to picking a crystal?

If the brain doesn’t know what we need to make us well there is no point in storing vast quantities of information so that we choose the right crystal on an intellectual level.  Instead, we have to quiet the brain and tune in to something more innate, the quiet voice that speaks to us when we we take control away from the brain.

It all sounds quite difficult but in reality we are given clues all the time.  We can get cravings for a certain foods and when we look into it we find that there is some nutrient in that food that our body needs.  We change our mind when we are traveling and find that if we had continued on that path something terrible would have happened.  These things aren’t luck, this is us listening to our intuition.

So, when you want to work with a crystal and you have a purpose in mind, don’t reach for the books; don’t try and remember what you were told.  Simple look at the crystals with the work you would like to do held in your mind and see which one catches your eye.  Don’t question it, don’t doubt it, just go with it.

As with anything we try to learn, the more we listen to this little voice the better we hear it and the easier it gets for us to know just what we need in any given moment.

Of course, once you have learnt to trust your intuition there is nothing stopping you looking the crystal you have chosen up in a book to see what insight you can glean from your choice.  It is important though to not discard the choice if you don’t like what you read, trust it was for the best and all may become clear later.

Enjoy connecting to your stone spirits and working with your intuition.


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