The magic of magic

I saw this picture on facebook today and it reminded me of something I saw on tv a couple of months ago where members of the public were asked if they believed in magic and witchcraft.

Of course, most people said they didn’t believe in such things and thought it was silly.  After that they were given a knife and a photograph of a member of their family and were asked to stab the photograph with the knife.  Amazingly very few people could do it.  They were asked why not and many said they felt that in doing so harm would come to their families.

When magic is something ethereal that we cannot relate to it is easy to joke about it, but deep down there is something inside that tells us it is real.  If the photo on the right said “Every time you share this cat one of your friend dies” would you share it?

What is the difference?  It is important to bear in mind that part of us deep down that believes something we prefer to ignore next time we hit that “share” button.

Of course, if we believe that in stabbing a photo of a friend might cause them harm, it is equally as plausible that sending loving thoughts to a photo can bring healing to them, which is just what distance healing is.

Instead of posting photos that have such a negative effect, how about sharing ones that can heal?


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