Rain until May – are we staying in the now?

I just read a post on a friend’s news feed saying they had seen a forecast saying that this wet weather will stay with us for the next few months.

Here in the midlands we have been lucky and haven’t seen the widespread floods that other parts of the country are experiencing but I can start to understand how people are feeling at the moment about the weather.  When we have seen so many days that are dark and wet it is easy to accept that things will never change.  When an forecast like this comes along our hopes of sunshine are dashed and we feel fed up.  This is where it is time to stop and really consider what is happening.

Ponder this; how often have we planned our day because of the weather forecast only to find it has all gone to shreds because the forecast was wrong?  I think most people will answer “oh, all the time!” If the weather men can’t get it right for the coming week how on earth do they know what will be happening next month?

Once again we find ourselves stepping out of the now and our mood is affected by a prediction of tomorrow, next week, next month when, in reality, we have no idea what tomorrow will be like.

My suggestion is to ignore those weather men and gauge the weather by what you see outside your window now.  Yeah, I can hear the rain in the roof as I type but you never know, tomorrow might be a sunny day.

If you want to take things one step further; include some gratitude that all this rain isn’t snow.

Edit ~ It is now April and we have had some stunning weather for some weeks…. so this proves my point.  There wasn’t rain until May ;0)

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