Gorse – A bach remedy for a not so happy valentines day

As I am writing this in early February Valentines cards are already appearing in the shops and people are thinking wistfully about their plans for an evening with the one they love.  Unfortunately  for some February 14th is a day of deep loneliness and despair as they are reminded that they do not have a special someone to share this day with.

It is very easy to give up hope in meeting someone to share your life with.  To start with you may have tried all the things that people do to meet possible partners but as time has gone on you have simply given up.  You begin to believe you are wasting your time and are supposed to be alone and unhappy.

The Bach remedy Gorse is at hand for these moments.  When we feel that everything we have tried has failed and are prepared to give up Gorse brings light to the situation, restoring our faith in finding a way forward.


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