Soul families – a wonderful gift

Hopefully, we are born into a wonderful loving family.
Hopefully we meet someone who we fall in love with and spend the rest of our lives with.

This is something we are brought up to expect, this is the norm we are told.

Hopefully as we grow up, through childhood into adulthood we make friends. We meet people we resonate with and we build a friendship. Some may only stay a short while, some a few years, some we may know all our lives.

Again, this is something we trust will happen as normal.

What we don’t expect, what some may never even be aware of is that person that has known us for more than weeks, more than years but lifetimes. That person who no matter how hard you struggle to deny it, no matter how many miles between you… they refuse to let go.

That person who sees right into your soul, past all the darkness you are afraid to show, into that spark of spirit that is the same as is within them.

There isn’t space for romantic love with this person. Romantic love pales into insignificance when you are with this person. There is a kind of love that flows straight into your heart and let you know this person will never, never hurt you

When you are with this person all the normal fears of being who you are disappear. This person teaches you things that no-one else could because you know you are truly safe with them.

This person is part of your soul family.

They may be a soul father, someone wise and strong that will guide and teach you.
They may be a soul mother, someone loving and nurturing that will support you through tough times.
Or they may be a soul sibling, a sister or brother, someone to grow and experience life with, to stand beside you through the normal pains and confusion of growing up.

We can only hope to meet these people in our lifetime, we can only hope to recognise them for who they are and when we do it is such an amazing experience.


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