Doing what you love ~ Part 2


The above piece of text is from Law of Attraction guru Abraham Hicks.  It sounds like a wonderful theory but in my opinion it is deeply flawed.  Firstly it does not take the state of humanity into consideration but secondly it panders to the modern idea that we should all have what we want no matter who it hurts.

The state of humanity
Please don’t misunderstand me when I say I don’t believe that humanity is ready to be able to do what it wants at any time. I am what I consider a “realistic optimist”; I believe the future holds wonderful changes, however I currently think we have a fair amount of work to do before we get there.

There are a number of famous people through the ages that did just what they liked and it caused great misery for many people, Hitler being a prime example but on a smaller scale Fred West, Ted Bundy and Harold Shipman all “followed their bliss”.

Is this what Abraham Hicks had in mind?  Probably not, but when we give a message to the masses we have to be sure that everyone is on the same page, and this is where we come to my second point..

We all should have what we want
It seems fashionable for people to get exactly what they want in life, no matter what harm it causes to others.  I personally believe this dates back to the generation that was born after World War II.  These families grew up with rationing and vowed that their children would not go without, this taught those children to expect better than their parents had.  Of course when they themselves had families they believed that their children should have better than them.  This set up a rolling process that has led to 8 year olds having the latest i-phone and obese babies that are fed everything they want.

I truly believe that we should only ever have what we need. “Want” shouldn’t come into it as we will always want more and more.  We will end up with a population that doesn’t want to work but wants everything they think they deserve and that leads to a dark place deep in selfishness.

Getting what we want doesn’t really make us happy
It also feeds the idea that what we want makes us happy, and this simply isn’t true.  In my blog Doing what you love, or loving what you do I explain how getting what we want doesn’t guarantee lasting happiness because we rely on external things and situations for our happiness.  If we can learn to be happy whether we can go about doing just what we like or not then our happiness comes from within and that can never be taken away.

I truly believe the only way forward is to turn the focus around, away from the selfish idea of everything being ok so long as we get what we want into ensuring that we are happy with what we have and looking to see what we can do for others.  We are not there yet, but we could be “work in progress”.

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