The Chakras – Part 2 – Chakra descriptions

As mentioned in Part 1 the body has many energy centres but this blog will cover the 11 I work with on a regular basis with clients.  Each of these chakras connects to a specific aspect of the mind/body/soul system and when they go out of balance it can be seen in how the person changes.

What you will read here is my personal beliefs about the chakras, other pages will give different information, particularly about the sacral as there seems to be 2 schools of thought.  I am not here to argue or convince the reader, simply provide information that may or may not resonate.  As before, please feel free to disregard what makes no sense to you.

The 2 aspects of each chakra
Before I go into each chakra individually it is important to understand the difference between the front and back aspects of each one.  As you will see from the picture on the right all of the main chakras, apart from the crown and base, have projections out the front and the back of the body, connecting at the central core.

The front of the aspect of the chakra relates to people and situations that are close to us; family, close friends, our home life and things we hold dear to us.  The back relates to society, work, acquaintances and where we feel we stand in the bigger picture of the world.

The 7 personal chakras

A brief description of each of the 7 personal chakras follows.  This is by no means exhaustive and should only be considered a basic introduction.  There are many web pages and books dedicated to the chakras and I encourage you to research further if you find it interesting.

Pointing downwards from our perineum the base chakra is all about survival, about our security and basic needs; our home, our income, our ability to survive in the world.  If any of these basic needs are threatened this chakra can go out of balance, when this happens we can become clumsy, fearful or feel tired.  If we were not safe and well provided for as a child this chakra can show signs of long term imbalance.

This chakra works in unison with the crown chakra and is important in keeping the energy flowing through the whole system.

Situated between the pubic bone and the navel the sacral chakra is our emotional centre.  This is where we connect to people on an emotional level.  With the front aspect it is also connected to our sexuality.

Deep emotional wounds that occurred as a child can lead to long standing problems with this chakra and working with the inner child can lead to great healing.

When this chakra is out of balance we may find it hard to connect to people on an emotional or sexual level.

Solar Plexus
This chakra is found between the navel and the base of the ribs and is connected both to our metal body and our personal power.

When people are feeling powerless they tend to cross their arms over their solar plexus as a form of protection.  Animals show their bellies as a sign of trust.  It can also be noted that when people are stressed, a sign of loss of personal power, issues with the digestion such as IBS and ulcers can be seen.

As expected, the heart chakra is connected to love, both for the self and those close to us, in the case of the front aspect, and the world in general in the back aspect.

When this chakra is closed it affects all other chakras, as if there is not love the rest of the mind/body/soul system cannot function fully.

Whilst the heart chakra is connected to love, it is also the bridge between the lower and higher chakras.  The throat, brow and crown chakras can be seen as more evolved versions of the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.



The throat chakra is connected to our ability to speak our needs.  In the base chakra we become aware of our basic needs, here we are able to turn that around and begin to ensure that those needs are met.  It is also connected to all other higher forms of expression such as sharing our beliefs and understandings with others.

When this chakra is out of balance we may be holding back something we wish to say for fear of recrimination.

Situated between and slightly above the eyes this chakra is often called the 3rd eye.  This is where we connect to our intuition or what is often called our 6th sense.  In focusing on this point during meditation we can calm the mind and listen to the little voice of our wise self.

When this chakra is out of balance our understanding of the world around us is skewed, we may see negativity and darkness where it is not there or we may not understand a situation on all levels.

This chakra can be shown as resonating to either violet or white.  Personally, considering the transpersonals we will mention later, I see this as violet.

Pointing out of the very top of our head this chakra relates to our personal connection with a higher power.  Universal energy comes in through this centre and it is the top of the central core or antahkarana.  If this chakra is closed we can feel very alone as we have lost our connection to our higher self, the collective consciousness and whatever higher power we believe in.

The transpersonal chakras

These chakras are not situated on the body and have become activated as humanity as evolved.  The column of light that runs from our crown to our base actually connects to Spirit at the top and Gaia (or Mother Earth) at the bottom.  As we work on opening ourselves to these energy more and more chakras will evolve.

Many only work with the transpersonals that are found above the head; believing that in the aim to become enlightened we only need to reach higher and closer to Spirit.  Personally I feel this is unbalanced and as we gain a new chakra above we need an equal and balancing one below.  Without this we are not remaining in the here and now and can become disconnected to the mundane world that we are born into.

The Soul Star is situated 6″ above the head and the Stellar Gateway a further 6″ above again.  These act transducers, reducing the vibration of Spirit energy as we become aware of it.  As more are activated we will be able to connect to Spirit in a clearer and more direct way.

The Earth Star is found 6″ below the feet and the Earth Gateway a further 6″ below that.  These act as an anchor for our energies and keep us in the here and now.

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