Superstitions – what are we creating?

Through my life I have met so many people who are superstitious and I have to confess I don’t understand the attraction.

In the past I have been told not to put a new calendar up before the new year because it will bring bad luck.  Putting 2 teaspoons on a cup and saucer will cause an argument.  Don’t write in green as it will bring about money troubles.  Don’t put new shoes on the table, don’t cross on the stairs, if you come in the front door you must go out the back, avoid the number 13 at all costs… so many little rules to live by just to make sure nothing bad happens.  It must be exhausting.

As a Pagan people might wonder why I am not the same, surely I believe in touching wood don’t I?  Well, actually I do but that is the only one… oh and when I am annoyed with stuff going on Sod’s Law catches my attention.  But beyond that I don’t allow them into my life.

You see, I believe that we manifest our reality, what we fear and what we believe is what we create.  Fear of Friday the 13th is a prime example of how a superstition can affect our lives.  How many bad things are we going to manifest when we wake up in the morning full of dread and fear?  All because a certain date falls on a certain day.

In holding onto these superstitions we are giving them power.

But wait, I said I believe in touching wood…. you are right.
Spot the difference.

Touching wood is expecting good to happen because of my actions.  This is something we benefit from giving energy to.  Ok, the act of touching wood is no different in reality to tapping your right foot or rubbing a lucky paperclip, so long as you are believing something good will happen it will work.

So, next time you see a black cat, rather than recoil in fear, bend down and tickle it behind the ear.  It’ll lower your blood pressure and make the cat happy… win/win!


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