The Chakras – Part 1 – An Overview

Crystal healing, amongst many other complementary therapies, works with the energy centres that are often called chakras, but what are they?

You’ve only got to type “chakras” into google and you will get millions of hits.  It is not my intention to re-invent the wheel or correct any information I believe is wrong; rather this is my spin on it (pardon the pun).  In the end we have to work with whatever system resonates with us so have a read and feel free to disregard it in favour of something that makes more sense.

Before we look at them individually let’s begin with an overview of what I believe they are and what they are for.

The Human Energy Field
We are much more than can be seen or touched; many healers believe that we are each surrounded by a field of energy that is often called the aura.  Some teach that this aura has layers or dimensions but there doesn’t appear to be full agreement on what they are, however there is agreement that it exists.  This bubble of energy is affected by the energy of the people we are with, the place we are in, our thought processes, the food we eat and our physical health causing it to weaken, shrink, expand or show signs of dis-ease.  Quite often signs of illness can be found in the aura long before it reaches the body.

I will probably write more about the aura another time but we are here to talk about chakras, so onwards.

The aura is connected to the physical body by the chakras that run along a column of energy that reaches above the top of our head to below our feet and is sometimes known as the Antahkarana.  Energy passes between the aura and the physical body via the chakras.  When we are in distress, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually the chakras show this and we can work with to them to understand and heal this distress.

The 7 main chakras and more

Classically you will find the energy system is described as having 7 chakras.  The picture on the right shows that these run along the central column and all bar the crown and the base point out front and back. Personally I believe these are what we start with but as we evolve more are activated.  When working with clients I am currently finding 2 more above the head and two or three below their feet.

In reality the body has many energy centres, they can be found in the palms of the hands, the knees and at other points in the whole system.  I intend on focusing purely on the 11 that I work with regularly.

You will note that the chakras are marked with the colours of the rainbow.  It is believed that each of the chakras resonate to this colour range.  This can be helpful to know when working with colour to balance the chakras.

You will also see that the diagram shows arrows pointing into the spinning cones.  When our chakras are healthy they spin in a clockwise direction drawing in universal energy.  It is believed by some that when we evolve fully we will be able to draw in all the energy we need through our chakras and there would be no need to eat.  I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about that one.

When our chakras are unhealthy or out of balance we push out negative energy which can make us tired and depressed.  It can also lead us to see the world with a pessimistic view as we tend to project those negative feelings onto those around us.  We see the world as a dark and dangerous or sad place and we are angry and intolerant.

When our chakras are balanced we see the world as a safe and good place and we want to be around people who make us happy and make open hearted choices.

We also find that when our energy system is not running as it could we make poor food choices, exercise less, suffer from low self-esteem and have negative beliefs.  Paradoxically those life choices and beliefs negatively affect our energy system and so the downward spiral begins.  This is where healing comes in.  By having a crystal healing and bringing our chakras back into balance we start to make better choices and hold more positive beliefs, this continues the spiral upwards towards a better quality of life.  If we regularly have healings we keep our chakras clear and balanced and can start to make substantial changes to our lives that allow us to stay balanced on our own.

In Part 2 I talk about each of the chakras individually.

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