Which therapy; Crystals or Bach?

It can be difficult to decide which therapy would be best for you; hopefully this blog will help you decide.

What are the therapies for?

Bach Remedies
Bach remedies are a system of emotional healing.  They work purely on the emotional aspect of the mind-body-spirit system.  This means that they cannot be used directly for working on physical ailments.  However they can be used to help you deal with the emotions you are experiencing regarding an illness; for instance, if you are depressed about how you feel physically, the remedies can be taken with regards to the depression.

Crystal Healing
It is believed that crystal healing works on an energetic level effecting the whole mind-body-spirit system.  This means that crystal healing can bring the whole of that system back into balance, possibly helping on all levels.

How much do I need to participate in the work?

Which therapy is chosen can sometimes boil down to pure practicality.  Are you the kind of person that likes to be in control?  Will you remember to take a remedy?

If you like to be in control and are good at remembering to do things then Bach Remedies are an option.  However if you are likely to forget to take them then Bach remedies will not work for you.

If you see having a healing as an opportunity to lay back, take time out and be more passive then crystal healing may be more of an option.

Are you able to talk about your problems?
Some people benefit from talking about their problems; simply sharing with someone you trust not to judge you can be a healing experience in itself.  For others it is not so easy; very private people may find the need to talk about their problems stressful.  Other people may find it hard to explain how they are feeling, they just know something is wrong.

If you are the kind of person who is not concerned about discussing your problems then Bach remedies are an option.  Sometimes in discussing what you are dealing with you can gain deeper understanding and a step in the healing process can be removed allowing the Bach remedies to work on the next layer.

If you are a much more private person crystal healing works perfectly well whether I know about the situation or not.  As I am purely a channel for the energy and work by intuition I need not know any details of what you are facing.

In the end, neither Bach Remedies or crystal healing will cause any harm and the simple process of taking time out to care for yourself is healing in itself.  What have you got to lose? What have you got to gain?

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