Why do I write these blogs?

People may wonder about my motivation for writing these blogs… is it an ego trip?  Maybe, but in reality there are a number of other reasons.

If I show you mine will you show me yours?
Firstly, I think it is important for anyone who chooses to work with me in a healing situation to know where I am coming from.  I feel it is important that a client finds a healer that they resonate with; someone that is going to respect their beliefs when they are opening up and talking about things they may have never spoken about before.
Many of us hold onto the belief that if we talk about what truly think and feel we will be seen as too weird.  In sharing some of the thoughts I have that may not be acceptable in mainstream society I hope to show clients that they are safe doing the same.
I have been to various professionals seeking guidance and learning and I realised that if the professional did not respect the way I understand my life and the world around me I am never going to make progress.  I am always going to be leaving a part of me outside the therapy room, and that just doesn’t work.
I may not resonate with your own personal “wierdness” but I can assure you, it is unlikely to shock me and it will be respected.

An encouraging voice
I also hope my blogs show that I am a strong believer in finding ways to solve problems.  I simply won’t let things that get me down beat me.  I believe we are here to grow, to become truly authentic and love ourselves for who we are, but I also believe we are here to learn to treat others with compassion and respect, allowing them to be authentic and confident too.

In writing my blogs I hope to encourage people to find the courage to look for answers to their problems.  It is easy to think that we have to live with what we are given and that is our lesson.  Personally I believe that is only true if we have tried everything else.  Whether I encourage someone to come and see me for a healing or to find their own answers in their own way I don’t care, so long as they are getting up, dusting themselves down and trying again.

I also want to encourage people to love themselves.  All too often we are given messages that we must be self deprecating and meek.  Many of us fear that the other option is to be egotistical and selfish.  I want to lead the way in learning that we don’t have to be this person and that there is a loving way to change the way we think and talk about ourselves.

Question everything
There is a lot of misinformation out on the net.  I understand that I am only giving my opinion, but if I can give someone the opportunity to use their own logic by asking them to examine what they are being told then I don’t really care if they take on board what I am saying.  It is not important for me to be believed, it is important that the reader has questioned everything they are told and made up their own mind.

I always try to respect others beliefs but of course there are always going to be those that I find difficult to fully understand, possibly due to a lack of education or because they do not resonate with me in any way.  Maybe if someone reads one of my posts and disagrees they can comment and help me understand further.

Work in progress
This blog isn’t the product of a person who believes she knows it all, far from it.  If you read back through my archive you’re likely to find that I have contradicted myself; changing my mind as I grow and learn.  I am on a path of my own; a path of self discovery and one of my ways of processing what I am learning is to blog about it. If anyone wants to join me on the walk they are more than welcome.

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