Some thoughts on where we are now…

It’s not very often I talk about planetary energies as I often believe that people that do talk more about what is going on for them but are projecting it onto the planet…. however, I am going to stick my neck out here..

Around me so many people are having their lives turned upside down. They are being forced to change and at the same time trust whatever higher power they believe in.

2012 was the year of the shift. In December that year we passed through the grand alignment and the end of the Mayan calendar, stepping into a new paradigm. People dealt with a LOT of fear as we moved into energy we had not felt before.

2013 was the year we recovered and celebrated the shift, new ideas were formed but little happened. We knew something was coming and we were champing at the bit to get there but nothing seemed to work.

Now, here in 2014, we are being asked to make those necessary changes. We are either going by choice or we are being picked up and moved to where we should be. Like the child learning to walk our parents are gently (and sometimes not so gently) steering us to the future we deserve.

It’s a tough time, I know I am filled with ideas and plans but I can see no way to be able to follow them. For me this is about trusting that I am not wasting my time and energy on something that will never happen.

For others the shift is much more drastic.

All I can say to those that are struggling at the moment is stay strong and trust your intuition and your higher power. There are plans for us. We may not know what they are at the moment, and the transition may be painful, but we are going somewhere amazing… all will be well.

I personally feel it will become clearer in 2015. I know that seems a long way off, but it feels like we are laying foundations for something wonderful and much bigger.

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