Meditation – Stone Spirit Temple

Pick a crystal and hold it in your hand, take a look at its colour and texture.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Begin to calm your mind and centre yourself in the here and now.  Focus on the point where your third eye is, just above and between your eyes.  Feel a stillness in this point and relax.

See yourself walking along a country path with deep hedges either side.  It’s a beautiful warm day and you are feeling relaxed and at peace as the sun shines in a clear blue sky. The sound of the birds singing lifts your heart as the scent of wild flowers floats on a gentle breeze.

As you walk you notice ahead of you the hedge that grows along the path thickens and becomes dense and tall.  You see that there is a doorway in the hedgerow leading to a secret walled garden.

Entering the garden you feel safe and calm.  Only you know about this place and only good can enter this sacred space.  Close the door behind you and take a walk around the garden, become familiar with what is there.  

As you explore you find another gate in the wall and as you open it you see another path leading to a beautiful temple that strangely reminds you of the stone you hold in your hands.  Follow the path to the door of the temple.

As you enter the temple you see two large regal chairs, almost thrones and in one sits the spirit of the stone you chose to work with you.  
You step forward and the stone spirit beckons you to sit in the other chair. As you sit the stone spirit reaches out and takes your hand looking deep into your eyes.  A sense of calm wisdom flows over you and you relax in their company.
Take time to be with this stone spirit.  Ask why you were drawn to work with it, does it have a message or maybe some healing energy for you?

It is soon time to leave the temple but before you do give thanks to this wise earth elder for their time and healing.

As you leave the temple and walk along the path ponder the message you were given.  

You soon find yourself back in your walled garden.  Take a look around, has anything changed, is there anything you need to do?

Now it is time to return to the mundane world.  Leave your garden through the first gate and find yourself back on the path between deep hedges.  The sun is still shining and you are thankful for spending time with the stone spirit.

As you walk back up the path feel yourself returning to your body.

Take a few grounding breaths and spend a moment focusing all of your attention on your feet.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Spend another moment looking at your stone spirit, do you feel a stronger connection to it now?

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