Is this a healer’s hardest lesson?

When we choose to start out on the path of the healer it seems like the hardest part is to learn whatever type of therapy you are training in.  Will you be able to connect to the energy?  Will you do it right? Can you remember all the information?  Will you be able to help people?

You work hard at your studies and practice on friends and family until the case studies are over, exams have been taken and you are qualified.  It feels like you have made it!

After qualifying the next challenge is to have faith in yourself.  Just like learning to drive, that first trip out on your own is nerve wracking and it takes a few sessions for you to trust that you can do this, that the energy will flow and you will follow your intuition and guides to do what is needed.

But, there is a lesson that comes after all this that can be so much harder; learning that some people aren’t ready to get better.

As someone who has chosen to learn a complementary therapy you are already someone who looks for answers.  You are someone who sees a problem and wants to solve it and will use the tools necessary to do that.  You are on a path of growth and healing and it makes no sense that there are people who, no matter how you phrase offers of help, want to stay stuck and will ignore any suggestions of ways to grow or heal.

This is the hardest lesson for the healer; the lesson that we have to accept these people for who they are and where they are on their path.  It doesn’t matter if we believe we can completely see what is necessary to ease their pain and suffering; that is not what we are here for.  We are here to walk beside them and offer the support they are able to accept.  We have to ensure we are not taking on the role of enabler where we unwittingly aid them in their self destruction but we have to allow them to make their own choices no matter how hard it is to watch.  All we can do is hope that, in time, they will choose to take the path of healing and look for ways to grow and heal.

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