It’s all about balance

I’ve had a bit of a revelation today and I would like to share it.

For the last 20 years I have been on a path of self development. I have studied to become a healer and over the years have joined meditation groups and the like, all in search of healing and a way to reconcile this world around me.

About 18 months ago I came to understand that I am HSP followed by learning I am an introvert. With this understanding I sought peace and calmness thinking this was what the problem was; too much stimulation, and, for the most part it has been great. I have also sought to immerse myself in the healing community in the area so I could network, meet like minded people and hopefully get some referrals.

What I realised this morning was, although this is really nice… where is the passion, the vibrancy, the energy?!?!?!? It’s all so “nice and calm” and I need more than that!! Understanding that I am HSS/HSP has opened a new angle for me…. maybe there is a place in the world for crashing heavy metal, thumping beats, riding my motorbike at 90mph (on private roads of course 😉 ) laughing, shouting, getting drunk, jumping around and making an arse of myself!!!

I want to do tai chi, meditation and work as a healer but I also I want to go dancing, have a drink and get lost in loud music, have a passionate conversation with someone rather than walking on eggshells safe in the knowledge the other person also wants a passionate conversation!

Where is the PASSION!?!?!?

So, that is my next goal… find the passion and balance it with the calm and peaceful… chainsaw juggling anyone?

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