I’m not perfect, and that’s ok

We all have a picture or two in our minds of what “perfect” is and as a rule we don’t match it.  For some it is a beautiful body, others may think it is a genius mind, maybe it’s having a kind soul, or having lots of money or friends.
We spend our lives beating ourselves up because we aren’t that picture and we make ourselves miserable in the process.  We are not helped by the media that constantly shows us those very same pictures and tells us we are a failure if we don’t attain that perfection.
What if we learnt that it was totally ok to not be perfect?  What if rather than life being about working to become perfect it was about learning that it is ok to not be?  How would that change your view of yourself?
Next time you are comparing yourself to that image of perfection change it to you accepting that you are not perfect and want to be that person instead.
As a side note, those people in those pictures of perfection also have their own pictures of perfection and they too beat themselves up because they are not there.  The stunning beauty may really want to be the mathematician and constantly carries self hate as people adore them for their beauty.

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