Are we stuck in a pendulum swing?

In the past there was a focus on doing your duty to your country, your family, to society. Giving and not thinking of yourself was the right thing to do, and it was necessary at the time.  However it has led to the creation of a society of people pleasers with chronic low self esteem.  We feel terrible if we put ourselves first and sometimes we are even told we are selfish.

People are starting to rebel, and rightly so, but the pendulum has swung the other way and we are getting messages everywhere that we need to “do what makes you happy”.  The motivation is wonderful, we do need to start to think about our needs and set healthy boundaries but this is the other extreme. 

I know people want us to start putting ourselves first, look after ourselves rather than just give give give… but there has to be balance, a middle ground. If we live our lives just giving then we are miserable, but if we spend our lives expecting everything to be wonderful because we are told to only do what makes us happy then we will still suffer.

In my opinion life is about giving when it is right to give, taking when it is right to take and learning to know which is appropriate in each moment.

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