Bach remedies and sleep

Quite often I am asked if Bach Remedies can help with poor sleep. Unfortunately it isn’t a simple question but there is hope.

The problem we face is that sleep is disturbed for so many different reasons but because the outcome is the same it is believed that there should be one answer.  With this in mind when looking at Bach Remedies we have to ask the first all important question: what is stopping you sleep?

Here in this blog I am going to cover a number of reasons and the possible remedies that might help.  This isn’t a complete list and a remedy would have to be chosen based on an understanding of the situation in hand.

When your brain won’t stop

This is often the simplest cause of sleeplessness; you lay there in bed and you have shopping lists, to do lists, ideas and pure random stuff going through your mind keeping you awake or waking you up through the night.  While these thoughts are annoying they are generally not deep fears or worries.  When this happens White Chestnut is the first remedy to reach for, and one I keep beside the bed at all times.  This remedy helps calm a busy mind and often you will find yourself asleep in moments.


Worrying is often the next most common reason for not sleeping.  These thoughts are stronger than those that White Chestnut combats, these are often worries about money, people we love, or situations we are faced with.  Some of remedies that might help in these situations are Mimulus, Clematis or Red Chestnut.
Mimulus combats fear of known things; fear of losing our job, fear of not having enough money, nerves about a situation we may face in coming days.
Clematis is good for thoughts of the future; when we find ourselves thinking about things that are going to happen tomorrow.  In taking Clematis we are brought back into this moment where we are supposed to be sleeping.
Red Chestnut concerns fears we have about other people, when we are not able to care for ourselves because we are worried about others this remedy allows us to let go of those worries and meet our own needs first.

Over tired

Sometimes we have simply got too tired, we’re exhausted but we lay there waiting for sleep to come.  When this happens Olive can be helpful, allowing us to give in to the tiredness.

Just can’t sleep!

Sometimes we don’t know why we can’t sleep, we just lay there and it doesn’t happen.  In this situation the first remedy I would suggest would be Oak. This remedy is for people who continue to work even when they are too tired.  In this instance it is possible that there is part of the brain that believes it needs to keep awake and working even though we are exhausted.  Taking this remedy might not solve the problem but it is possible it will reveal the true cause of the insomnia.

These are just a few of the remedies that might help you when you can’t sleep.  If you want to talk more about sleep problems feel free to get in touch.


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