Meditation – Meeting your higher self

For information on your higher self please see my blog titled The magnificence that is you – Your Higher Self

Find yourself a place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes.  Tell anyone in your house you are going for some quiet time and ask not to be disturbed.  Turn your phone off and leave it in another room.

Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor.  Rest your hands in your lap in any way that is comfortable for you.  Make sure you will be warm enough and if necessary use and eye mask to block out any annoying light.  If you find there is noise in the house you can block it out with some calming music through headphones.  You need to be as relaxed and free from distractions as possible.

When you are settled close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Place all of your attention on your feet to help ground and centre you in this moment.  Feel your socks or shoes or the carpet under your feet.  Feel the strength of gravity pulling your feet onto the floor holding you in the here and now.

Now relax your feet and slowly work your way up your body relaxing every muscle as you go, starting with your legs and moving through your torso, shoulders, neck, face, and all the way up to the top of your head.

Scan your body for any signs of tension and breath relaxation into them.

Now see yourself walking along a path towards a pyramid and as you walk you see there is an entrance with a door.  Open the door and walk into the pyramid.

Inside you are surprised to see it is lit beautifully and the décor is calming and welcoming.  You see a pair of chairs, that look comfortable to sit on.  Walk over to one of the chairs and settle in.  Looking on the floor you see a glowing figure 8 surrounding the chairs, one chair in each loop.

As you sit there you become aware that the walls of the pyramid have become translucent and through them you can see above you another pyramid, this time made of a golden white light.  As you watch it lowers down and merges with your own pyramid.  As it does a door opens in the side opposite where you entered.

Looking across to the door you see a being enter the room.  This is your higher self.  It can come in the form of a person, an animal or any number of other forms.  Try not to analyse its form at this point but you should not feel scared or uneasy in any way.  If you are unsure whether it is your higher self see the figure 8 on the floor burning with a violet flame, this will not harm your higher self but will banish anything that could be harmful.

When you are happy that you are in the presence of your higher self ask if it has any messages for you.  Anything it says should be infused with love for you. Spend some time talking with your higher self asking any questions you may have or asking for healing.

When you are ready to return thank your higher self for meeting you and ask if it could make itself more accessible to you so that you can make contact more often.

Get up from your seat and leave the pyramid through the door you came in by and walk back up the path knowing that you can visit any time you like.

And now bring yourself back to the room you are in, here in the mundane world.  Start to use your senses to bring your awareness back to your body, particularly focussing on your feet and the effect gravity has on them, pulling them onto the floor.

When you are ready open your eyes and have a good stretch.  It might be helpful for you to have a drink and something small to eat to ground you.  You may want to write down your experiences for reference later.

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