The magnificence that is you – Your Higher Self

In many modern spiritual texts you will find reference to the Higher Self and this is a belief I personally subscribe to, but what is it?

There is a belief that we are all connected to an aspect of ourselves that is part of our direct connection to Spirit.  The image on the right depicts this connection in the form of a metaphor.

We have our 3D physical body here on earth with its relating energy system.  “Above” us is our higher self, connected to us through our crown chakra and “above” that is Spirit.  The term “above” actually refers to the frequency of the vibration being higher as opposed to them being geographically above us.

The higher self aspect of our selves is not hampered by the negative beliefs we carry down here in 3D and has a much stronger connection to Spirit.  Some call it their intuition as it knows all our thoughts and all our history and it loves us deeply despite what beliefs we hold about ourselves.  Its connection to Spirit means that it can advise us on our problems and guide us to situations that help us learn grow.  Our higher self literally has all the answers we need.  Those who work with forms of divination such as tarot are making contact with their higher selves to obtain the information they give in their readings.

The problem many of us face is actually making contact to our higher selves.  It’s all very well can good having this wise being so close but if we can’t access them what is the point?  This is where guided visualisation come in.  In quieting the mind and using any number of meditation techniques we can start to make regular contact.  Once we do this we can work towards having constant contact so that when we are in a difficult situation we can tune into our “intuition” and know what is right for us.  When we are sad, scared or confused we can tune into the wise being and receive the love and support that is always there.  If you ever want to experience unconditional love your higher self is the person to go to.

This aspect of yourself can come in many forms, some see people just like them, others have animals, angels or just beautiful bright lights, anything is possible.  The important thing when meeting your higher self is to not judge or question what you see.  It is likely a metaphor that is meaningful to you and should be comforting; not scary or disconcerting at all.

If you are unsure that what you are experiencing is your higher self you can always tell because of the level of love they show for you.  They may be stern or direct with you at times but there should always be an undeniable sense of love.

For my part my higher self changes his form to suit the situation.  He came to me first in the form of the classic “boy next door” so that I was not threatened by him or in awe.  It was very important that I understood that I was to see him as part of me rather than something to be worshipped. In time he showed me his magnificence through a painting by Catherine Andrews.  The love that comes from him when I meet him takes my breath away.  He has been with me through some very difficult times and always supported me.

Meeting and working with your higher self is a truly enlightening and uplifting experience, one I would advise to anyone.  If you are interested in meeting yours I have written a meditation here to help.


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