Bach remedies for going back to school

The summer holidays are over and you have bought all the new uniforms for the kids, now you’re back to getting the kids out of bed and back into the routine of the school week.  Here are some remedies that might help this go smoother.

The Monday morning feelingHornbeam might be one of the most important remedies at this time as it focuses on that feeling of tiredness you get from just thinking about doing something but when you get moving you realise you have all the energy you need.  Both for you and your kids just the thought of that first alarm going off is enough to drag you down.  Taking Hornbeam can help you get the motivation and energy you need to get those kids off to school.

First day nerves – For sensitive children or those that are bullied fear may be a big factor in going back to school.  If the fear isn’t too strong Mimulus might help your little one have the courage to go back after weeks of happily playing in a safe environment.  If they are very scared it might be worth looking at Rock Rose.

Bullying – On top of the remedies mentioned in the previous section adding Centaury and Walnut can help protect a sensitive child from bullies and help them stand up for themselves in a non-violent way.

Worrying about your little one – It’s quite understandable for you to be sad and a bit worried when your child goes back to school, particularly if it is the first year in a new school.  In this instance Red Chestnut might help you let go and trust that all will be well.  If you are frightened that something bad might happen then Mimulus could be helpful.

A little help through the day – If your child finds school difficult it can be helpful to put a few drops of each remedy in a bottle of drink that they take with them.  This is a great way to give them support while you are not with them.  4 drops of Rescue Remedy can help if they get upset easily or 2 drops of a specific remedy if they are dealing with a particular challenge. There are also Rescue Remedy gummy stars available that your child can chew when he or she is feeling stressed or nervous.

No child wants to go back to school but with Bach Flowers it can be made easier for both parent and child.  If there are any other challenges you face feel free to contact me for further advice.


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