What is a healing crisis and why does it happen?

Sometimes when we receive healing it can seem to make us feel worse and this can lead us to believe it hasn’t helped.  At times like these it is possible you are going through what is known as a healing crisis and, as crazy as it sounds, it is important to understand that it’s a good thing.

There are times when the problem we are dealing with is caused by much deeper issues. For this explanation I am going to use the term “wounds” but I mean it in an emotional sense.  These wounds have been caused by an incident, or number of incidents, that have hurt us deeply.  Sometimes when we have these experiences we put the emotional trauma into a metaphorical box and bury it away.  We may not remember the incident but the damage is there, like a shrapnel wound that has healed over.

When people have this kind of physical wound it is necessary to dig deep into the surrounding area.  It may be that the body has formed a protective bubble around it, filled with poison that must be cleaned out before the shrapnel can be removed.  This process can be very unpleasant and quite painful.  It can also take some time to heal with the cleaning process being repeated, further infections treated and more steps needing to be taken before it starts to heal.

Now take this metaphor and apply it to the emotional damage of a traumatic experience.  It might be that on the surface we aren’t aware of how deep the trauma goes and the “shrapnel” may be tiny, but the resulting wound can be quite large.  Before it can be healed completely it has to be exposed and the toxic feelings, beliefs and emotions removed.  This can be a painful but necessary process that leads to breakthroughs that can be life changing. Just like someone who has recovered from an injury, after the work is done, we find we are no longer susceptible to the same problems and we look at life in a completely different way.

These experiences are rare and I am often reluctant to talk about them because worrying about them can cause them to manifest.  I have never known them to happen as a result of my crystal healing work and when the Bach Remedies have triggered them it is possible that the remedies in the treatment bottles are exactly the ones needed to support the client through the process.

If a healing crisis happens try to understand that it is a good thing.  Keep going and know that great shifts are happening and you will be stronger and healthier once you come out the other side. 

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