Learning to walk with Spirit by your side.

I love being in spiritual groups, questions are asked that challenge you to define your beliefs further; to make you understand something that you took on board without questioning.  When this happens it allows you to either deepen that belief or discard it.

Today I was on a Kryon group and someone asked why life is about learning and growing?  When Kryon talks about Spirit being like a parent why do we have lessons to learn like poverty, sorrow and loss.  Why can’t Spirit simply make our lives easier when It has the ability?

I had heard Kryon talk about the Parent/Spirit analogy a number of times and it made sense but not in a way I could articulate, so I took the opportunity to put what I understood into words and allow it to become a belief. 


The very fact that we have free will creates life lessons. If we were fully evolved we would be able to manifest all we need and would be happy. But, through free will we have lost that ability, so we have to learn again.

When a child has to learn to walk the parent does not do it for him; the child has to learn to control his limbs, to balance and to step forward. The parent will be there to pick him up when he falls, but he still has to experience the fall and then try again.  Eventually the child goes on to learn to pick himself up when he falls so he no longer needs his parents.  The parents cannot do this for him.

A parent feeds us when we are babies but as we grow we have to learn to feed ourselves when we are hungry.  We have to learn what is good for us and what makes us ill, we have to learn to prepare the food to make it taste nice. If someone always does this for us we are forever dependent on that person.

When we step out into the world we have to learn to make safe choices.  Our parents can’t be there every step of the way to tell us what to do, and sometimes we get hurt. The parent helps us recover, gives us love and support, but we have to learn from our mistakes to ensure we don’t do it again.  Again, we have to go on to learn to do this for ourselves so that we are not dependent on our parents for the rest of our lives.

Spirit is the same. It is like a loving parent watching us take our first steps. Sometimes we fall but if we ask for help Spirit will lift us up and help us make the necessary changes to move forward.  But, we still have to “fall”. That “fall” could mean losing a job or relationship. We made the choices that led us to that moment just like the baby is choosing the fine movements in that first step. When we make less than optimum choices we fall.  We have to be able to pick ourselves up and learn the necessary lessons so that we can make better choices next time

Spirit is not here to do everything for us, like our parents aren’t here to do everything for us. Spirit is here to guide us so we can do it for ourselves.


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