On being the light

These few simple words speak volumes to me.

There was a time, early along my path, when I ran to those who I saw as holding the light, I thought that was what you did. Somehow I believed that being in the presence of a guru, either in person or through consuming their work in the form of books or recordings, would be enough to solve all my problems.

I also looked to objects and rituals in the idea that they would be what I needed to be “spiritual”. If I had the right incense burner, the right words for the ritual, the right routine all my problems would dissolve away to nothing and all would be wonderful.

As time went on I learnt that this wasn’t the goal; the goal is to BE the light. I still love being around light filled people but now it is because I can learn from them how I can become the light rather than just to bask in theirs. I still love pretty things, but I see them for what they are now.

I am a long way off, there is so much more work still to do, but at least now I know I am using MY light to guide my way rather than being blinded by that of others.

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