How can healing help in the real world?

Often it’s hard to see how going to see a crystal healer can help you in the real world.  I mean, we have to make real life changes to see better results, don’t we?  Not just lay there and let someone waft crystals around and expect all to be ok again.

You would be right, getting a healing isn’t suddenly going to fix all your problems, but it will help you make those changes.

Quite some years ago now I was in a situation where I needed to find somewhere to live.  I had been living pretty much rent free and my life had changed leaving me needed to find a flat.  The problem was I could only afford one it a really bad area.  I didn’t know what to do, I would be living on my own for the first time and the last thing I wanted was be scared of every noise outside my door.

I was seeing my crystal healer almost every week at this point dealing with what was going on in my life and when I was next on the couch I explained my situation.  We talked and the crystals did their thing and we decided I would ask my boss for a raise.

We all know how pointless that would be, yes?  No boss ever gives a raise just by being asked.

But, because of the healing I was balanced, I was calm and I had faith in my ability to get what I needed.  I walked in that office the next day, stated that unless I got a raise I would need to look for another job and I was given exactly what I asked for instantly.  Within weeks I was living in a lovely flat in the best part of town.  Money was still tight, but I was there and I was safe.  I even found out that I had an amazing neighbour who helped me start to rebuild my life.

Although healing can, at times, help manifest amazing things, for the most part though what it does is bring us back to our optimum selves.  It quiets the doubt and fear, the voice that says it can’t be done, and allows us to get on with doing it.

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