Spring Equinox – clearing away the dead wood

As we reach towards the spring equinox, a time when night and day are of the same length, we are taking the next step in the cycle of the seasons.  February was a time to plan the “seeds” we wish to grow in the coming year. Now in March we are clearing the “land” in preparation for sowing those seeds.

This clearing can cause a time of turbulence, often there are unexpected endings as things we no longer need are shed from our lives.  It can feel quite hard to let go of the familiar but, just like the gardener clears away dead leaves and twigs, these are things that we no longer need and will hamper our progress if they are left.

I myself am going through this very clearing process and at times it is proving hard to let go, but that is what we must do.

Hold the faith that as the sun returns in April the land will warm up and the environment for those seeds will become much more hospitable.


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