How to safely make crystal waters and elixirs

Gem elixirs and crystal waters are a great way to work with crystals in our daily life but there are some safety precautions that need to be considered before they are made.

Are you drinking toxic chemicals?
It seems such a simple process; get a glass of water and drop some of your favourite crystals in it and the energies of the crystals will be passed to the water; but what you might not be aware of are the toxic chemicals that may also be passed into the water.

We have to remember how crystals are formed.  Deep in the earth water picks up chemicals and these then come together to form the crystal.  Different chemicals in different environments create the multitude of crystals.  Some of those chemicals may be harmless, but others not so much.

To name a few: Malachite, pictured left, is often mined for it’s copper content.
Angelite can contain lead
Cinnabar is a source of mercury
Pyrite has sulphur as a constituent
Tourmaline can have aluminium in it

All of these chemicals are toxic to humans and animals and even some plants, if these were in our tap water there would be an outrage, and yet we blithely put them in our glass of water.

Another issue to bear in mind is that some crystals are water soluble.  Not only does this guarantee that some of the chemicals will end up in your water but it will also damage your crystal, something else we want to avoid.

So how do we make a gem elixir or water and guarantee it is safe to drink?

No soak method
There are 2 ways you can get around this problem and which one you use tends to be based on your beliefs, whether your crystal is damaged by water and whether you are able to dowse.

The first option is what I call the “no soak” method but others call it the “indirect” method.

Take a clear, colourless glass or jar and fill it with the water you want to drink.  Place it in the centre of another clear, colourless bowl of water and place the crystal in the bowl.  This will transfer the energies of the crystal into the glass or jar without the water being affected by the crystal’s physical properties.

Many people would put this in the sunlight to aid the process.  Of course the problems with this method are that we can’t always be sure that our crystals won’t be damaged by the water or the sunlight for that matter.  This means I prefer not to use this process.

Intentional method
The way I make elixirs and drinking waters are based more on the spirit of co-creation with the stone spirit and the belief that energy can be transferred with intention.

Choose your clear, colourless glass and fill it with mineral water.  Ask the crystal that is right for you to step forward.  After connecting with it and asking if it will join you in co-creation hold it above the water with your non-dominant hand (this is your left if you are right handed).  With your dominant hand hold a pendulum above the crystal and ask the crystal to send its energies into the glass.  Use the pendulum to tell you when the process has been completed.  When the water is ready thank the crystal and the process is complete.  This method can be used to imbue water with any number of energies without any concerns.


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