Embracing colour

Just recently I enrolled on a course to learn about colour therapy, little did I understand that this wouldn’t just be a simple case of learning about colour and how to use it.

I was hoping to be offering this therapy fairly quickly but I now believe that I myself have to go through a process of recalibration before I am ready to do so.  Part of this process for me is to explore and experience the effects of colour and how it can be used to bring about healing in my own life.

How can I offer this authentically to others if I haven’t used it for myself?

The first step seems to be to understand what colour therapy actually is and be able to explain it to others in a way that makes sense, so here we go; step 1….

What is colour therapy?

Everything vibrates.  It has been found by scientists that due to the movement of the atoms that make up everything around us we are bathed in a symphony of vibrations.  We ourselves are vibrating at our own personal frequency and that is a response to everything about us; our bodies and energy system are effected by the foods we eat, the thoughts we have and the environment we find ourselves in.

Sound and light are the most recognised of these vibrations and they carry a wave form that can bring about transformation to our health and emotional state.  Although we can work with sound to calm frayed nerves or enliven us colour is a very easy tool to work with to bring about change in our lives.

Have you ever walked into a room that has been painted a really bright colour and found yourself feeling refreshed and full of energy?  And of course there are those dingy rooms that we find oppressive and soul destroying.  This is colour having a powerful effect on your emotions.

Colour is pure, unadulterated energy coming straight from pure white light.  For some it carries the essence of Spirit in a clear form unaffected by belief or dogma.  We all have our favourite colours, and those colours we avoid, possibly without knowing it and it surrounds us every day.  We can either take it for granted or we can work with it consciously to help us move through our lives with more clarity, ease and balance.

This can be done simply by changing the colours you have around you, the clothes you wear, food you eat and the décor in your home.  However, it can also be channelled in a healing environment so that the energy of the colour is transferred to your energy system intuitively and in just the right amount.  This can bring about as profound a change as if we were working with crystals or flower remedies.

The next step….
As much as I would love to be offering this right away I am not quite ready.  I appear to be going through a process of bringing more and more colour into my life.  I have always had my vibrant pinks and deep purples but now blue, red and if I am brave orange and yellow will be making their way into my day to day life, just so I can experience how it affects me.  Today I have gone for a softer pink than normal and I am loving it.

Watch this space, hopefully very soon I will be able to bring more colour into your life too xx


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