We can all do something, no matter what we are told

I saw this meme today and, although I have no idea whether the beloved Jim Henson said this it got me thinking…

We live in a time when we are bombarded with the woes of the world.  Whether it is the horrific acts of Daesh, the ever present threat of global warming, or problems closer to home in our own country with financial and housing problems.  Our news feeds are filled with big problems and it can become overwhelming.  We fall into “what can I do?  It’s all too much” and because of that we are paralysed from doing anything.

Me being a lover of food I tend to think of these issues as being like a burger (veggie in my case) that is just too big to get into your mouth.  It’s full of lovely things that you would love to get to but there is just no way.  What do we tend to do in these situations?  Well, you could get a knife and fork but, for some reasons, burgers just don’t taste the same that way.  No, we start to take it apart and we eat smaller pieces.  Maybe a bit of the burger with some bread.  Then we have some of the pickle (yes, I am one of those that likes the pickle) with a bit of lettuce and slowly but surely you are able to eat the delicious meal.

We can do this with the world too.  Of course we can’t solve the refugee crisis, of course we can’t fight Daesh or change the tax evaders, but we can do something small.  At the very very least we can smile at a passer by, we can donate just a pound or two to a charity, we can volunteer with charities or we can make sure that every message we give out over social media is one of hope.

One small ant can’t make much of a difference… but how much do we fear a swarm of ants entering our home…

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