Surviving Christmas day with Bach Remedies

We all hope for a joyous Christmas filled with magic and laughter but sadly for some it never quite meets expectations or hopes.  For those times, as always, there are Bach Remedies that can help with every situation.

Elm – Do you find that the cooking, presents, noise, and people just a little too much to deal with?  Elm is the remedy for being overwhelmed, helping us focus on the task at hand with a gentle knowledge that we can cope with whatever happens.

Rock Water – If your dinner isn’t cooked to perfection or the gift wrapping isn’t just right Rock Water can help calm the inner perfectionist allowing things to be as they are, perfect in their imperfection.

Holly – Often you hear about feuds and disagreements that come to the fore when the family is crowded together in one place.  Holly helps us put aside resentment or jealousy and begin to build bridges.

Beech – Is there one family member that just annoys you?  Not in any major way, they just rub you up the wrong way.  Beech helps us be more tolerant of differences and allows us to accept people as they are.

Centaury – Are you always the one that does the cooking?  Or maybe you always seem to end up the designated driver when really it would be nice to let your hair down and have a drink.  Centaury can help you stand firm and ask for what you need without causing conflict.

Heather or Water Violet – For some Christmas is a lonely time and these two remedies can help us reach out in a healthy way and come together with other people.

Sweet Chestnut – We don’t like to think of people in deep despair at a time when there is so much laughter and fun, but for some this is a reality.  The festive season can be a dark and depressing time when we look ahead in our lives and see nothing but darkness.  Sweet Chestnut holds a light in that darkness allowing us to see that we are able to carry on and better times will come.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a difficult time and the remedies are here to hold your hand as you navigate the pitfalls.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year from all at Crystaloak.


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