Are you automatically grumpy?

This time of year is tough for me, as regular readers will know I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and despite all the tools I have at my disposal I still struggle to keep upbeat.

One of the things I do to help is have a flow of inspirational and upbeat posts on my Facebook news feed, I like to have them so I can post to my page but also there is the hope that they will break me out of my funk.  The problem is, my default setting is often set to grumpy.  Not particularly nasty, just… grumpy.  My heart chakra closes, love stops flowing and my automatic response to anything nice and light is a sneer before I scroll on.

Sometimes though I catch myself and I see that this isn’t really who I am, this is just me making an automatic response to something that is at a higher frequency than I am managing at this point.  When this realisation comes I have a choice; continue to sneer or raise my vibration by opening my heart and turning off my automatic response.  When I do that I find I can access the part of me that resonates with the cheerful post and I feel so much better.

It’s hard to notice but I think so many of us have this automatic grumpy mode.  We simply don’t see that our energies have sunk, for whatever reason, and we are coming from a place of a closed heart.

Pay attention to your responses to things, do you really mean what you say or how you react, or is it just a stock response.  If it is, take a moment to really think about what you are responding to; is it possibly coming from a higher frequency than you in this moment?  Use it as an opportunity to lift yourself to that frequency, just for a moment and see how it feels.


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