Who gives you your worth?

polzeathI’m sitting here on Polzeath beach; the one place where Spirit is so loud I cannot fail to hear It.

This year I have been working through the challenge of Self Worth and now Spirit gives me the next piece of the puzzle.

You see when you’ve lived with emotional abuse, either through (in my case) a romantic relationship or, as others have experienced, from their parents, you end up putting more value on the opinion of the person that shouts the loudest or hits the hardest.  Out of the need for safety your idea of what you need is put to one side.

But, when you move from that place of abuse you are often still in the habit of looking for others to gauge your worth.

For us to move forward we have to leave this behind. Those people that we gave our power to abused it.  In my eyes that puts them in the category of “bad people”.

Do they deserve that much power?
Did they have our best interests at heart?


So it’s time to take that judgement back and, if possible, own it for yourself.

So as I walk along the beach in jeans while others are in swim suits because my body image is too low to join them, I’m going to stop thinking that I don’t deserve to enjoy the beach and I’m going to soak it up.

For all those fighting low self esteem, you have as much right to the space you take up in the world as anyone else.  Own it baby!!!

Even if you feel no one sees your value, know that I do!!

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