Bach Remedies and the Big V – 10 Situations where the remedies can help.

We all know this is a scary time, I don’t need to go into all of that, but there are so many tools that can help you handle everything you are going through. One of the best tools I have found are my beloved Bach Flower Remedies. So, here’s a list of which remedies might help you right now.

1. Worried about friends or familyRed Chestnut helps us stay hopeful and positive while our loved ones are at risk of catching the virus. Taking this remedy won’t stop you caring, but it will help you stay supportive and productive rather than crumbling under the fear.

2. Fears that you won’t handle the emotions you are feelingCherry Plum helps when we are scared for our mental health. If you are worried about being overwhelmed emotionally, this remedy can help you stay calm.

3. Frightened of the virus specifically – There are 2 remedies here that can help; Mimulus and Rock Rose. Mimulus is for a normal level of fear, it’s manageable but you could do without it. Rock Rose is when you’re feeling like a rabbit in the headlights and terror is stopping you functioning.

4. Feeling hopelessGorse, Sweet Chestnut, or Willow can help in these situations. Gorse is for when you feel like there is no answer to this and that nothing will solve the situation. Sweet Chestnut helps in the really dark times when all you can see is oblivion. Trust me, I have used Sweet Chestnut and I can say it is remarkable at bringing a ray of hope. Willow helps when we fall into the dark place of wondering why this is happening to us. It can help lift you up and start to see that there is hope.

5. Overwhelmed by all of the stories you hear – First of all, on a practical note, step away from the news and social media. It’s grim out there, we know, but there is nothing you can do other than follow the guidelines. But, if that isn’t enough, Walnut can help by protecting you from being swayed by other people’s fears, reactions and emotions, and it can also help you let go of the routines that gave you a sense of control and enable you to settle into the new normal.

6. Angry about those that are not following the rules – Again, first of all accept there is nothing you can do about this, just stay home and follow the rules. But, Vervain and Holly can help you here. Vervain helps when you’re falling into a place of social outrage and want to shout from the rooftops that people need to listen. Holly is for when you are feeling resentful or angry with a person for their actions. Another remedy, Vine, can help you lead gently by example rather than trying to enforce rules.

7. Thoughts run away, either into fears or to a possible futureWhite Chestnut is a wonderful remedy for when your brain constantly pops up with annoying thoughts. It helps you take control and feel calmer. Clematis is helpful when you’re slipping away from the present moment and into fearful thoughts of the future.

8. Just want to escape from it all or sit on the sofa – Whilst we have been told to stay at home, it is much better for our mental health if we can get up and achieve something every day. Agrimony helps if we just want to escape into something fun, it might be an addiction such as drinking, or it might be Netflix. We have to allow the feelings to be processed and Agrimony can help us do this in a safe way. If you feel you have no energy to get up Hornbeam can help you feel refreshed and motivated to get on with those things that you have always said you would do around the house. Finally Wild Rose pushes through the feelings of resignation and apathy that keep you glued to that couch.

9. You just want it over with nowImpatiens is a great remedy to help you stay the course.  We have to be patient and let the boffins work their magic.

10. Good old Rescue Remedy – Although it is better if you can take the right remedies for how you are feeling, Rescue Remedy is great to have on hand when you hit crisis point.  If you don’t have or can’t afford all of the remedies listed, this one is the one to get.

The remedies can be bought easily online. I personally like the Crystal Herbs brand and I use this wonderful Ebay seller.  I have no affiliation to them but their packaging is minimal, their prices are good and they have always given a good service.  The bottles are also smaller than the Nelson’s brand you see in the shops, which means it is more cost effective.

If you want more information on the remedies please visit The Bach Centre.  This is based in Dr Bach’s own house and the information comes down with a clear lineage from Dr Bach himself.

These remedies are so gentle and effective.  They also safe if you are already on prescribed medication.  I have even managed to convince my biker/welder husband to take them and he is finding them supportive.

Life is strange, scary, and surreal at the moment, but I have every faith we will get through this and humanity will have experienced an amazing shift towards the light.  Stay safe friends, and stay at home.

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