The Lockdown – Doing it your way

This is my first day of really noticing the lock down due to Coronavirus.  The company I work full time for already has 95% remote working so it wasn’t hard for me to do the same.  This has meant that while others are embracing being home I have had a pretty normal week minus the Tesco delivery and needing to put makeup on.  Now it is Saturday I am feeling a week behind on accepting the new normal.

Over the last week I have been following my normal inspirational leaders and recognising that this is a time to embrace new ideas and change the way we live, and I am wholehearted for that, but I have also noticed a new social pressure; what we do with our time.

There are always going to be alpha people out there that have already stripped half their wallpaper or learnt a new language to a basic level and they are also the kinds of people that will tell you about it.  They’re not bragging as such, but it can leave the highly sensitive feeling like they are lagging behind as they just work on processing the levels of fear and sorrow the world is feeling.

If you’re a Lighworker,  highly sensitive, empathic, or intuitive type it is possible that you just don’t feel able to quickly shift pace and change direction the way these other types do.  You know what?  That’s fine.

I have spent the morning on the sofa, in my pjs, watching junk Netflix.  It’s 1pm now, I’m finally dressed and looking at the housework I need to do.  I feel the social pressure heavily, I should be doing all of those things and I have zero energy to do any of them.  So, here is my action plan to deal with this.

  1. I’m going to love myself and accept that I am not, nor ever will I be, and alpha type.  The world needs all types and I am doing my best here.
  2. I’m going to reach for my Bach Remedies and take some that will hopefully get me moving so I can do the very basics.  Mustard, because I am feeling truly fed up. Willow, the pity party is real guys.  Hornbeam, because I just want to curl up and sleep, and Rock Rose to help shift the apathy that’s keeping me on the sofa.
  3. Then I am going to attack the kitchen, the washing, and the litter tray.  That is enough for now.
  4. After that, I am going to tell myself I am going out into the garden to tidy the lemon balm.  It will take me 2 minutes, but I can guarantee that once I have done that another little job will catch my eye, then another, and another.

We don’t all have to be running a marathon in our gardens.  The key is to get through this your way, not add to your stress by comparing yourself to how others do it and finding yourself lacking.  I guarantee there will be time lost in my Playstation and that’s ok.

We rush around too much, we beat ourselves up too much, take some time to just rest, connect with friends electronically, and learn to love yourself that little bit more.

Happy staying in guys xx

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