Take a moment to thank your body…

I had my first vaccine yesterday and I just wanted to share my feelings.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who is stepping up and having it. I am so proud of our country for embracing the British spirit of just getting on and doing what needs to be done! I’m not a tory supporter but this vaccine roll out has been phenomenal, the NHS and volunteers have been fantastic, and the people streaming to the centres are awesome!

But, I think we also need to consider the job our bodies are doing once we’ve been injected.

From the moment that jab goes in our bodies go into action stations. Something that looks dangerous has entered the system and it needs to take action. Some of us are getting unpleasant side effects but please, take a moment to reassure and thank your immune system for doing such a fantastic job of preparing to protect you. Self care is important so be gentle with yourself and whisper a little thank you to the army inside you that is going to war.

Thank you body, I honour you and the work you are doing to protect me 🥰🥰

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