Part of my philosophy is that some form of energy healing should be available to all. This means that although I have set fees they are open to negotiation. Please see my blog “Shouldn’t healing be free?” about why I charge.

Bach Flower Consultation – £20.
This includes a personalised remedy for you to take away and information leaflet. Your first consultation will last around an hour, subsequent sessions may be shorter.

Crystal healing – £20.
This will include a chakra balance and any other energy work needed. Sessions can last anything from 45 mins to 2 hours. We work with what you need.

Lower cost options
As I have mentioned, my fees are fully negotiable, if you want to try a session but have limited funds do you have skills you can trade? It can be as simply as baking a cake or bringing some flowers or vegetables from your garden. We could even discuss paying it forward.

I also offer free advice on Bach remedies via my Facebook page.